About the Learning Centers

The GUHSD Learning Centers are credit recovery programs for:

  • 11th and 12th grade students who are significantly behind in credits
  • fifth-year seniors who are continuing to work toward their diplomas
Learning Centers make it possible for:
  • students to catch up so they may return to their school of origin to graduate
  • fifth-year seniors who complete all graduation requirements and who are in good standing with their schools to walk in the graduation ceremony

Learning Environment

The Learning Centers' environments are:
  • closely monitored by credentialed teachers who work individually with each student
Teachers provide students with:
  • face-to-face support and assistance
  • motivation to help students stay on task and keep their sight on the goal – earning a high school diploma – as a vital step in preparing for the future

How to Enroll

First, students meet with:
  • their school counselor and parent/ guardian to determine their eligibility for program participation
Then, the counselor refers the student:
  • to the Learning Center director once it has been determined that the student is deficient in credits and eligible to enroll in the program


Attendance & Instruction

The standards-based curriculum is:

  • presented by a virtual classroom teacher via computer
  • accessible online at any time

    Students will:

    • attend a Learning Center daily for a brief assigned block of time
    • complete the bulk of the course work on an independent-study basis

    Students enroll in one to two classes at a time, which enables them to:

    • have jobs or meet other obligations
    • earn high school credits and work toward graduation